Sterling OMS Custom CommonCode Types

By | 11/07/2019

Sterling OMS Custom CommonCode Types

In this post we are going to learn about out of the box getCommonCodeList API.

Understanding Standard Common Codes

Common Codes are values that help the user to choose from a list of options. Common codes are available as Drop down lists in the Sterling Console Screens. Common Codes are system and user defined codes.

Example: The list of Instruction Types below are the list of common codes.

Create Order Common Code List
Database Query:
select * from yfs_common_code where code_type='INSTRUCTION_TYPE' and document_type='0001';

Understanding Custom Common Codes

Besides system defined standard Common Codes, we can create custom common codes for an Enterprise.

We can configure Custom Common Code Types and Common Code Values directly in the Configurator. So, what is the difference between having the property values in the Properties files (like file) and using the Custom Common Codes?

The difference is that if we change the Properties files, we have to do the Build and Deploy whereas, if we use the configurator to create the Custom Common Codes, we don’t have to build and deploy again and we can access the values immediately.

How to Configure the Custom Common Code ?

Configure Custom Common Code Type : Carrier

Application Manager-> Application Platform-> Presentation->Custom Common Code Types

Sterling OMS Custom CommonCode Types

Click the Plus sign to add a new Custom Common Code Type with description.

Common Code Type Configuration

Configure Custom Common Codes:

Custom Common Codes
Common Code Value Configuration

How to Access the Custom Common Codes?

Using getCommonCodeList API:

The getCommonCodeList API retrieves all CommonCodes which match the input criteria.

Associated With Table: YFS_COMMON_CODE.

Test using APITester?

Call API : getCommonCodeList

Input XML

<CommonCode CodeName=”” CodeShortDescription=”” CodeSymbol=”” CodeType=”PAYMENT_TYPE_GROUP” OrganizationCode=”DEFAULT”><LocalizedAttributes/></CommonCode>

CommonCodeList API Output

Returns: An XML document that contains a list of all common codes that match the input criteria.

Important Points

  • Value of the new common code type Maximum length is 15 characters.
  • This value is automatically appended with ‘.ex’ extension so that it does not conflict with the Standard common codes.
  • This value must be passed to the getCommonCodeList() API.
  • Custom common codes are inherited from the parent enterprise and cannot be modified by the child enterprise

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