Understanding the Server Property : Terminate Server on Idle

By | 11/21/2020

Terminate Server On Idle Property

Several Servers will be usually running throughout the day performing a lot of activities. Some of them might have just an hour or so to process and then once the job is done, the servers go Idle and wait untill next day which means unnecessary consumption of memory and CPU.

In order to avoid this, we can configure a property to Terminate the Server when the server goes into Idle. While creating the Server, under the Server Properties tab, set the options to Terminate the Server.


Let us use an example to better understand the property.

In this example, we are going to create an Integration Server and initially put a msg into it. Later, we shall let the server to get on to the Idle and check to see if it is Terminated.

Server Properties Tab
Server NameEnter the name of the server.
Terminate Server on IdleSelect this option if you want to terminate the server when the task is completed or when idle. Once this option is selected the next two fields are enabled.
Startup Delay for Termination Monitor (minutes)Enter the monitor start time. This is to ensure that the server does not terminate before it has completed one successful execution.
Termination Monitor Interval (minutes)Enter the idle wait time before terminating the server.
Sub Service List Tab
Subflow Name or Criteria IDLists the name of the subflow or the criteria belonging to the configured service or agent.
ThreadsSpecifies the number of threads.

Important Notes

. This property can be set to both Agent and Integration Servers.

. If there are multiple threads of the Server running, all of them should be idle before the Server enters into the Idle wait time ie., the number of minutes delay time before the Termination Starts.

. If meanwhile a new msg arrives, the timer will be reset and the server starts monitoring the threads again.

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