Sterling OMS DB Interview Questions

Sterling OMS DB Interview Questions

Database Extension Key Points to remember: IBM Sterling Order Management Database Interview questions.

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What is meaning for Extending Table ?

Adding column to existing table

What is meaning for Custom Table ?

A custom table is an independent table and cannot be modeled as an extension to a standard application database table.

Hang-off Tables

A hang-off table is a table with a many-to-one relationship with a standard application database table.

For how many levels Hang-off table can be created?

N Level. But will have impact on the query performance.

When creating hang-off table; how to lock the child record when parent records is locked?

In child table need to have LockingEntity attribute and value as parent table name

While creating custom or hang-off table what are the columns are mandatory?


How to create java doc API for custom and hang-off tables?

Not possible

How to create XSD and validation for custom and hang-off tables?

Not possible

Can we create custom or hang-off table without primary key?

No, Primary key is mandatory

What is the data type for primary key?

KEY or any numeric data type

What is the relationship between Prefix and TableName attribute?

Prefix should match the started letters of table name. Prefix=”YFS_” table=”YFS_ORDER_HEADER”

How to access the custom/hang-off tables?

YIFApi interface does not extend APIs for custom/hang-off tables. Therefore, the APIs for these tables must be configured as services.

When ApiNeeded flag is Y? What are all the API’s auto generated?

  • Get
  • getList
  • delete
  • update
  • insert

How to add new DataType?

install_dir/repository/datatypes/datatypes.xml file.

How to create audit reference?

Define Entity/AuditReferences/Reference/ColumnName

Max length for index name?

Index name value cannot exceed 18 characters.

Primary Key must ends with?

Should end with “_PK”

Does Sterling supports BLOB data type?


How to lock record in custom table?

Pass the SelectMethod attribute as part of the input XML to the custom entity API

Valid values are WAIT, NO_WAIT, NONE

The locking happens within the transaction boundary of the custom API call.

SelectMethod attribute is supported only for getAPI.

How to generate template file for custom or hang-off table? -Dtable=TABLE_NAME -f bin/templateXmlGen.xml

Run the above command to generate template file

Can the generate template applies to OOB tables?

Yes, we can generate the template for existing table; but we cannot modify the elements.

In hang-off table scenario, how to delete all child records and recreate them when parent table got updated?

Need to pass Reset=”true” to recreate the child records.

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Sterling OMS Interview Questions

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