Sterling OMS HTTP API Tester

By | 07/26/2017

Sterling OMS HTTP API Tester

Why we need this tool ? : Using HTTP tester you can test any new service created or existing API.

Is this only way to test ? : we can create simple Java HTTP program and do the same activity.


How to use HTTP API testing with OMS?

After successful IBM Order Management System install should be able to test the application using http tester. Should be enabled only in test.

Specify the following URL to access the HTTP API tester:


Note: Below link works only when application is up and running.

Sterling OMS HTTP API Tester

Attribute Name Remarks
Is a Service If we are calling out of the box API we should not select the checkbox

If we are calling a service created by our own; we should select the checkbox

Service Name If Is a Service check box selected; enter the Service name (Case Sensitive)
API Name Select API name from drop down (Out of the box API’s)
User ID Sterling application user ID. Refer yfs_user table column LOGINID
Password Sterling application password. Refer yfs_user table password (Encrypted)
Version Select if needed; else blank
Locale Enter locale code; else blank (en_US_EST)
Message Input XML message; should be valid XML
Template Valid template XML; How your output needs to be displayed;

Question : In production how to stop the HTTP tester?

  1. Modify the web.xml: By implementing the security-constraint element with the web-resource-collection element, you can set up authorization to protect this page from unauthorized access.
  2. OR simply remove the yfshttpapi directory under /repository/eardata/platform/war and secure the /interop/InteropHttpServlet servlet using the security features provided by your application server

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15 thoughts on “Sterling OMS HTTP API Tester

  1. shamsudheen

    To exclude the HTTP API Tester in the production build, specify the following parameter when calling (refer Installation Guide)


    1. admin

      Thanks for the information. Let us keep learning.

  2. ravi

    why we used template XML in API Tester?

    :—— Template XML file allows you to specify a subset of the elements and attributes that the API returns.

    1. Admin

      Yes Thanks for the information. here is some more additional information

      What is difference between TotalNumberOfRecords attribute vs MaximumRecords attriute

      TotalNumberOfRecords : Used part of output XML template. When this attribute used select count(*) from table_name where x=y (Search condition applied) query been fired to calculate the total record count. This can create performance issue if more records found.

      MaximumRecords : Used part of list API calls (getOrderList, getItemList). If value not specified defaulted to 5000 record (Most of the cases). if specified returns only number of records specified.

      Wonder from where this 5000 value coming from ? Is it possible to override this value ?

      properties\ file

      You can override this value from customer override properties. But remember this change will get applied to entire system.

    1. admin

      Abhi, thanks for your question. Need some time to test this and get back you. Thanks

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  5. Radha

    I have done the code change in UE which is called via one service in my local. Now if i call that service directly from api tester, my code change is working. If the agent is processing that, i am not seeing my changes. It is working with old code. since there is no app box or agent box in local, I am not sure why my code is not working when agent is processing the orders

    1. admin

      Sorry for late response. Not sure if this issue resolved or not. Newly build jar which contain latest jar is missing. How are you exporting your UE code ?Can you please let us know if you face issue.

  6. Aditya Baddula

    Can we customize yantrahttpapitester.jsp. How to deploy these customized changes. I tried changing the jsp in smcfs.ear/smcfs.war/yfshttpapi/yantrahttpapitester.jsp directly and restart app server. but the changes did not reflect. Can we do this any other way? like extending.


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