Sterling OMS Understanding Reference Implementation

By | 04/15/2019

Sterling OMS Understanding Reference Implementation

In this post we are going to learn about reference implementation and see how this helps beginners during learning process.

What is Participant Modelling ?

Any person who want to learn Sterling order management system, first need to understand participant modelling. This participant modelling helps to understand the business. Like who are all the participants available for any type of business.

Example for participants

  • Enterprise
  • Node / Warehouse
  • Customer
  • Carrier
  • Manufacture

What is Reference  Implementation ?

Sterling OMS product gives few participants created in our system automatically part of install. These participants can be used to learn the system. As part of reference implementation following will be installed in our system

  • Configuration : New organization and common codes
  • Activation : User Exit, Events and Pipelines
  • Data : Item, UOM, Users

How to install Reference Implementation ?

Reference implementation can be installed during install process by selecting checkbox from UI. But if we are trying to install the product using silent install (command line), we may need to run few commands to create reference implementation (Shown below)

Commands to Create Reference Implementation

InstallService.cmd <Install_Dir>/referenceImplementation/ReferenceImpl.jar

Above script helps to extract reference implementation files to OMS Install Directory

sci_ant.cmd -f load_aurora_ref_impl.xml -Drunmasterdata=Y -logfile C:\Oracle\OMS_Ref_aurora.log

Above script creates new enterprise with name aurora

sci_ant.cmd -f ycd_load_oms_ref_impl.xml -Drunmasterdata=Y -logfile C:\Oracle\OMS_Ref_Matrix.log

Above script creates new enterprise with name Matrix

Matrix Organization Example

Once Reference Implementation  installed, below structure is created. User can directly use the items created under Matrix org.

Sterling OMS Understanding Reference Implementation

Happy Learning !!!

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7 thoughts on “Sterling OMS Understanding Reference Implementation

    1. admin Post author

      Thank you for your nice comment. Keep learning.

  1. asabira

    Thanks for this great tutorial.
    How can I get access to IBM Sterling OMS for testing/learning purpose. (either a local copy or cloud environment)
    Can we request IBM to provide us access to a could environment for testing purpose?


    1. admin Post author

      We can not provide local environment. I don’t think we can get cloud environment for individual testing purpose.

      1. nimsgupt31

        How to get cloud enviroment. Please guide me.

  2. nimsgupt31

    How to get a cloud environment. Please guide me.

    1. admin Post author

      You can not get cloud environment for individual use. Has to be part of company who use cloud.


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